Ethiopia- UNICEF/Columbia University AMDD program

One of the most difficult experiences was seeing children who were so malnourished that they were barely holding onto life. The  next series of 4
images show attempts by a health care worker to insert an IV so the infant can get life-saving nutrition intravenously. There were many attempts to insert an IV in the infant’s arm and in a vein in its head, all of which were unsuccessful. It was a painful experience, for the family and for the health care workers, and certainly for the young child. I hoped they would have success after I left.

The following series of images in the gallery are of other malnourished infants in a ward in Wukro Hospital  being looked after by a nurse and other members of their immediate families.

The last two images are of children with hydrocephalus, a not too rare occurrence.

One Response to “Ethiopia- UNICEF/Columbia University AMDD program”

  1. Mark, All of your images are not only stunningly beautiful, but are photographed with such sensitivity and awareness. This can only be done not through technical skills alone, but by a man with a heart! Thank you for sharing your work.

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