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Formidable contender seeking support

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Capital of Hope, a visual documentary on the effects of microfinance in Africa which I recently completed, has been entered into the Photography Book Now International Juried Competition sponsored by Blurb.

You can preview the book and vote for it in another competition, the People’s Choice Award, which is chosen only by book readers.

Just click on the orange PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD logo below to cast your vote . Please note that a preview of the book is available for review in the “about the book” section, located in the lower half of the page.

Vote for my Book in the Photography.Book.Now competition.

If you would like to preview a full pdf version of the book, click on the link below;

See my published books

Progress Report—UNFPA

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UNFPA Annual Report

UNFPA Annual Report

I recently completed a project for UNFPA documenting the work of the organization in Guatemala in February. The head of the program liked my work so much that she recommended me to her colleagues at their headquarters in New York. As a result, I was fortunate to have one of the images that I took in Guatemala appear on the cover of their new Annual Report.

Several months ago, I was contacted by Alvaro Serrano who is a senior member of UNFPA. He told me about the new blog they are producing titled: Conversations for A Better World. He then asked me to become a contributor and help gather and produce material for the new blog site.

Alvaro was seeking my contribution to the current content topic that the blog was focusing on—women and the financial crises.  As a result of being familiar with my work and the images I produce, UNFPA thought it very timely and appropriate for me to post a description of my recent book, Capital of Hope.

Check out the UNFPA blog and feel free to add your thoughts too!

Touring with Blurb

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Capital of Hope

Capital of Hope

Blurb, the popular web site that developed a creative, easy-to-use  service that can turn anyone into a book publisher, recently notified me that they were going to be attending the annual HOW Design Conference. Even better, they wanted to showcase my recently completed book, Capital of Hope, as an example of what  can be done using the new PDF to Book workflow service at

The How Design Conference is attended by thousands and is a terrific venue to share my work with other design and photography professionals. As Blurb informed me, they will be “promoting me and the great book I’ve created” to the legions of people who will be attending the show and who will be inquiring about the Blurb service.

All of this is possible with many thanks to the book designer, Paul Pruneau of Teamworks Communications, Inc. who helped me bring this project to life with the Blurb service. I look forward to hearing from any of you who attend the conference and happen to see Capital of Hope in the Blurb booth.

If you would like a preview of the book, just contact me for an edited PDF file of Capital of Hope. You can turn the pages of this PDF file just by using your right and left arrow keys.

Global Health recognizes excellence

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Global_Health_logoOn May 1, 2009, I was recognized as the winner of the Global Health Council’s 2009 Photography Contest.

Annmarie Christensen, Global Health Council’s Director of Publications/New Media and Executive Editor of Global Health Magazine, recently informed me of this unexpected honor and went on to add:

“You have topped the field, in this particularly competitive year, which saw a number of professional photographers and more than 550 entries from every corner of the world. The jury found the lighting of your subjects particularly compelling in the way it brings out colors and nuances, and were struck by the composition. You are impressively talented.”

I was very moved by the receipt of this award and feel fortunate to be able to share my images and experiences with Global Health and to help support their important work around the world.

To see the award winning images please click here .

As a result of receiving this award, I will be exhibiting the award-winning images and other relevant photographs from my recent project Capital of Hope, at the annual international conference on Global Health. The conference will be held May 26-30 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC, and expects over 2,000 participants from around the globe.

I look forward to seeing you there and sharing your insights to my work and discussing photographic or documentary opportunities related to your organization.

Focusing on the effects

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MothrChldWomensTrust, a microfinance operation founded by Dana Dakin, afforded me the opportunity to document their inspiring work , capture the visible effects of their effort, and share it with the world.

The photographic essay that I created and produced captures my visual impressions of the results of WomensTrust investment in the community of Pokuase. The images attempt to tell a story that transitions between the harsh reality of poverty to the far horizons of hope. The images, taken throughout Ghana, are my attempt to illustrate an environment of pervasive poverty and  the heart and soul of opportunity.

We have assembled a book documenting the results of the WomensTrust initiative and it is available for purchase. To learn more, contact Mark Tuschman.